A story of a college student who decides she wants to become an accountant

Everyone who drops out has a unique story, but we discovered some common themes among people we interviewed for the documentary.

A story of a college student who decides she wants to become an accountant

Changing Places — Talking About Career Transition Making a smoother career transition Just thinking about changing careers can be overwhelming.

Depending on which path you choose, it can be a daunting task. But, when you combine a little creative thinking with some strategic planning, making a change is much more doable. Many people think of jobs in one-dimensional terms. They define a job by its title, being a writer, a secretary, an accountant, a salesperson, etc.

A marketing VP at an Internet start-up, for instance, has good interpersonal skills, is a strategic thinker and has experience creating marketing campaigns. She also is knowledgeable about the Internet industry as a whole.

Which leads to the three ways to transition into a new career. The most difficult way, but the path many people choose, is to change professions entirely: An administrative assistant at an insurance company, for example, decides she wants to become a magazine writer.

But, there are easier ways. One course is to move to new position in the same industry. In this scenario, an administrative assistant might look for a writing position in the insurance industry working on a company newsletter or in the marketing department. Once she gets some writing experience changing fields will be easier.

Another option is finding the same position in a new field. Here, she makes the move from being an administrative assistant in the insurance field to a similar position at a publishing.


Her long-term goal is to move from assistant to writer. This example is one of my favorites for two reasons. First, because writing is a particularly difficult field to break into even if you have training and education behind you.

Second, because I know two people who started writing just this way: While trading stories one day, I learned that an editor at one of the sister publications had started there as a secretary. But, what she wanted to be was a writer. First she tried jumping from one profession to another.

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When that failed, she decided to take a job as administrative assistant to a magazine publisher. Now she had her proverbial foot in the door. Whenever an editor left, Debbie was one of the first to know. And she was the first to apply for their job.

But eventually, her hard work paid off. When one of the editors was in a crunch, Debbie got a few assignments. Eventually she was hired full-time. She was a writer. Making a transition in two-steps takes a bit longer. It may be easier on the pocketbook as well: Generally, the less a candidate has to offer the employer, the less they will be paid.

It will be more difficult. And getting any experience in your new field will help. Donating your time is a great way to gain experience. You get to work at something you support and learn about the organization. And they get to see what you have to offer. Most organizations need help in several areas.

Another way to get on-the-job experience and an inside look at a new industry is to work as a temporary. Spending time as a temp gives you the opportunity to try on different positions and companies to see if you like them. And they like you.Dec 07,  · Update: i dont know what i'll be doing yet, id probably be going for bachelors or sumthin or other, but like i said im only in the 8th grade right now, so yeah i dont know if ill even for sure become an accountant or not, its just a consideration, although i would be gonig as a full-time studentStatus: Resolved.

Accountants who didn't network at all in college how did you get your first job and what was it? everyone has their own story. i'm sure you have stuff that's unique to you.

it's not like you have to impress someone. simply getting to know a person is a great way to gauge whether you'd want to work with them She continuously got promoted. College student thinking of becoming an Accountant?. Accountant jobs forums. Accountants share success stories on new Web site.

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thereby lowering the barrier to entry for anyone with a great story to tell. The Passionate Accountant Web site is a perfect example of this with its use of free or low-cost resources to get the site launched.

He pointed out that a site with. Miriam sees spiritual qualities in Sobel, but Feld is dismayed because he wants her to do better for herself. Feld is faced with a moral choice: will he allow Sobel to wed Miriam?

A story of a college student who decides she wants to become an accountant

Max is a college student studying to become a certified public accountant. The son of a peddler, he is tall and thin, with a beak-like nose. he considers the. Start studying career explorations. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

While studying to become a teacher, Brant joins a student organization for preparing future teachers. After working in this position in the police department for a while, she decides that she wants to become a police officer.

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