Green monster

Let me know how it goes. Not as sweet as the coco-monkie one that I usually have but that is probably a good thing!

Green monster

In FoxTrotPeter's ability to eat endlessly and not gain any weight causes jealousy from both his parents. In one strip, when he makes a thousand-calorie chocolate shake because he has to gain weight for swimsuit season, Andy dumps it over his head.

In another strip, Andy wears earplugs when he weighs himself, and Roger needs an extra strawberry on his rice cake when Peter loses a pound and a half simply by skipping another shake. Professional Wrestling La Tigresa, as reigning WWC Women's champion, was jealous when Amarillis was brought into the company, correctly believing she would soon be challenging for her title.

She was also envious of the fact people gushed more about Amarillis being pretty than they did about Tigresa, which lead to Tigresa attacking Amarillis in an attempt to ruin her good looks, which lead to Amarillis challenging for the title.

Pablo Marquez coveted La Tigresa, who was the girlfriend of Lightning, so he tried to break up their relationship even though that would likely have La Artilleria Pesada coming down on his head. While Los Guerreros were a very successful and popular tag team, it was clear the fans vastly preferred Eddie Guerrero to Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Envy was Matt Hardy 's reason for turning on his more popular brother Jeff almost every time. Elsewhere, this is what sets Daniels against his more successful tag team partner AJ Styles.

Green monster

Jillian Hall used to have a friendly rivalry with Diva Search winner Ashley Massarountil Ashley posed for Playboy and got a lot of attention, including a spot in a Timbaland music video. As an aspiring singer, Jillian was also envious of Lillian Garcia getting to sing the national anthem and having a more notable music career or so WWE would have you believe.

Jillian's album actually made more money than Lillian's ironically, jealousy caused Brandi Wine to try and kill her career back when Jillian was a rookie Jimmy Jacobs was an especially obvious case, yet "The Lovely" Lacey either did not notice or did not care how much she provoked it out of him by all but throwing herself at Colt Cabanacatering to all his needs while treating Jacobs like crap.

Even after Ivelisse had to give up the show due to a knee injury, he still hadn't gotten over it, trying to injure her knee again when she came back to Chicago Style Wrestling. This is the biggest weakness in MsChif and Michael Elgin's relationship, which otherwise seems to be held together by a very strong bond.


Neither one of them can hide their jealousy well when seeing the other getting too physical with the opposite sex, which usually isn't too much of a problem since both had "made it" in the business by the time they had met but some jokers like Truth Martini have arranged such matches, likely on purpose.

Clay himself got jealous when the Funkdactyls started valeting for Xavier Woods at R-Truth 's request. He once had the best record in the promotion but he couldn't win when it really countedunlike his Ronin partners Rich Swann and Johnny Gargano, causing him to lash out at them.

When Future Shock started teaming together, Cole resented the fact O'Reilly was more popular with crowds and critics, but was able to take solace in the fact he had a much more successful singles career than O'Reilly, winning both the Television and World Titles while O'Reilly's team with Bobby Fish, reDRagon, proved to be much more successful than Future Shock had ever been.

These frustrations eventually came to a head in when Future Shock came back together but still proved to be inferior to reDRagon. Then O'Reilly began pursuing a singles career, in particular coming dangerously close to unseating World Champion Jay Lethalsomething Cole would repeatedly interfere with, to ensure he could keep his bragging rights as the more successful singles wrestler.

Caprice Coleman began to jealously guard his spot in Ring Of Honor after he was pitted against Samson Walker and Pepper Parks, two wrestlers the promotion had shown interest in. Jealousy ended up becoming resentment when he realized Dalton Castle, a wrestler Coleman was initially supportive of, had become much more popular than him with the ROH crowds.

At least Once per Episodeto the point of Catchphrasethe Professor alleges that Satan hates and corrupts various aspects of human life because, "You're just jealous.

Also interesting is that while Satan's Fall was mostly God just being a dick, it's indicated that he wanted to be top Angel and was jealous of any others being put above him. Finally, we're told since it's a radio show that Satan has green eyes.

The tragedy of the play comes about because of misplaced jealousy on the part of the title character because of a horrible lie about his wife Desdemona told by Iagowho many say was himself motivated by envy toward Cassio, who Othello promoted instead of him.

Shakespeare was fond of this one. The hashihime, sometimes translated as "bridge princess", is a figure from Noh theater who either committed suicide or openly cursed her cheating husband, and was turned into a bridge-haunting spirit. To be fair, Giovanni is The Casanova and is openly trying to seduce Masetto's bride on their wedding day; what man wouldn't be jealous?

In the Mrs Hawking play series: There's an implication in part IV: Gilded Cages that Elizabeth envies Victoria, both for her advantages in life for which the girl had no appreciation and the devoted attentions of Captain Hawking in which she had no interest.

In Lizziethe title character is being raped by her father, but later starts a relationship with the neighbor, Alice. Soon after, Lizzie's father kills the birds in the barn, which were one of Lizzie's few sources of joy and comfort.

It's heavily implied this action was spurred on because he knows or at least suspects that Lizzie's involved with Alice and is jealous. Bear in mind, the barn where the birds lived is also where Lizzie meets with Alice in secret.

Visual Novels Miou in A Profile is extremely jealous of Masayuki's stepsister Rizu after Masayuki broke up with her to repair his relationship with said sister. How she reacts varies by route, but the story goes out of its way to show that she does have a point due to the circumstances involved.

In one of the bad endings for Bionic Heartthe main character's new android love interest murders his ex-girlfriend when she becomes jealous of all of the time that the protagonist spends with his ex.

Doki Doki Literature Club! A major part of the reason Monika was driven to mess with and delete her friends is because she is self-aware and is jealous that she didn't get a route.

VERY jealous of each other because they both like Makoto.Green Meadows Petting Farm, a long established family favorite, has closed its Kissimmee FL location January and is moving to a brand new home in the community.

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Ballpark Quirks is a new series on the distinctive features and oddities that make up each of MLB's 30 parks. First up: Boston's Fenway Park, and the Green Monster.

Thirty-seven feet and a pair of. A big green monster smoothie is my favourite way to load up on veggies while still feeling like I’m eating dessert. Green monster smoothies are monster-sized, veggie-loaded green smoothies made with lots of fruit and vegetables for a nutritious meal or snack.

Green is the color between blue and yellow on the visible is evoked by light which has a dominant wavelength of roughly – subtractive color systems, used in painting and color printing, it is created by a combination of yellow and blue, or yellow and cyan; in the RGB color model, used on television and computer screens, it is one of the additive primary colors, along.

Hey Elisabeth the Green Monster idea looks great. I tried this from a similar recipe that doctor oz put out there but I omitted the milk and added water.

St Patrick’s Day Smoothie! {The Green Monster}