The rights accorded the landlocked countries

Let me also avail of the occasion to express our heartfelt gratitude for the hospitality accorded to us by the people and Government of Austria. The underlying reasons that prompted the first International Ministerial Conference of Landlocked and Transit Developing Countries and our International Partners ten-years ago, culminating in the Almaty Programme of Action, are too cogent and vivid to merit additional elaboration here. The original emphasis was perhaps skewed on the trade encumbrances and infrastructural bottlenecks land locked countries face, with deleterious implications on their economic growth. In the event, the whole discourse might need to be recast to address the symbiotic trade and commercial cooperation ties between landlocked and transit countries in a more holistic and intertwined manner.

The rights accorded the landlocked countries

Significance[ edit ] Bolivia 's loss of its coastline in the War of the Pacific — remains a major political issue Historically, being landlocked has been disadvantageous to a country's development.

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It cuts a nation off from important sea resources such as fishingand impedes or prevents direct access to seaborne tradea crucial component of economic and social advance.

As such, coastal regions tended to be wealthier The rights accorded the landlocked countries more heavily populated than inland ones. Paul Collier in his book The Bottom Billion argues that being landlocked in a poor geographic neighborhood is one of four major development "traps" by which a country can be held back.

In general, he found that when a neighboring country experiences better growth, it tends to spill over into favorable development for the country itself.

For landlocked countries, the effect is particularly strong, as they are limited in their trading activity with the rest of the world. He states, "If you are coastal, you serve the world; if you are landlocked, you serve your neighbors.

In some instances, this has led to more robust local food systems. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Countries thus have made particular efforts to avoid being landlocked, by acquiring land that reaches the sea: The International Congo Societywhich owned the territory now constituting the Democratic Republic of the Congowas awarded a narrow piece of land cutting through Angola to connect it to the sea by the Conference of Berlin in The Republic of Ragusa once gave the town of Neum to the Ottoman Empire because it did not want to have a land border with Venice ; this small municipality was inherited by Bosnia and Herzegovina and now provides limited sea access, splitting the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast in two.

The rights accorded the landlocked countries

Since Bosnia and Herzegovina is a new country, railways and ports have not been built for its need. There is no freight port along its short coastline at Neummaking it effectively landlocked, although there are plans to change this.

This gave Poland a short coastline, but without a large harbour. However, the Germans placed obstacles to this free access, especially when it came to military material. In response, the small fishing harbour of Gdynia was soon greatly enlarged.

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Until the dissolution of Austria—Hungary in at the end of World War I, AustriansHungarians and that empire's other nationalities had served in that country's navy, but since then, Austria and Hungary have both been landlocked countries.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Countries can make agreements on getting free transport of goods through neighbour countries: The Treaty of Versailles required Germany to offer Czechoslovakia a lease for 99 years of parts of the ports in Hamburg and Stettinallowing Czechoslovakia sea trade via the Elbe and Oder rivers.

Stettin was annexed by Poland after World War IIbut Hamburg continued the contract so that part of the port now called Moldauhafen may still be used for sea trade by a successor of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic.

The Danube is an international waterwayand thus landlocked Austria, Hungary, MoldovaSerbiaand Slovakia have secure access to the Black Sea the same access is given to inland parts of Germany and Croatia, though Germany and Croatia are not landlocked.For example, the average GDP per capita for the world is approximately $15 US dollars but of the world’s landlocked countries, only a few, such as Switzerland and Austria, have a .

Eritrea's Statement to UN Conference on Landlocked and Transit Developing Countries Let me also avail of the occasion to express our heartfelt gratitude for the hospitality accorded to us by the people and Government of Austria.

to take all measures necessary to ensure that the rights and facilities provided for landlocked countries in.

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Endalcachew Bayeh. The Rights of Land-Locked States Under the International Law: The Role of Bilateral/Multilateral Agreements. Social Sciences. Vol. 4, No. 2, , pp. doi: / Abstract: The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea provided rights for land-locked states on the sea.

A landlocked state or landlocked country is a sovereign state entirely enclosed by land, or whose only coastlines lie on closed seas. There are currently 49 such countries, including five partially recognised states.

Only two, Bolivia and Paraguay in South America, lie outside Afro-Eurasia (the Old World). The Rights Accorded the Landlocked Countries in the Law of Sea Convention Words | 17 Pages GT62C: The Law and Politics of the Sea Lecturer: Hazel Jones The term landlocked as oppose to geographically disadvantage state gives rise to no particular problem of definition, says Vasciannie.

While a country such as Switzerland has thrived despite its lack of access to the world's oceans, being landlocked has many disadvantages. Some landlocked countries rank among the poorest in the world.

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